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Strategic Intervention Life Coach

Graceful is first and foremost about improving your relationship with yourself, it’s everything to do with loving who you are as a huge step towards healing. It’s about being able to take control gracefully of your own space. It’s about letting go of the disturbing emotional charge, releasing hurt, overwhelm, anxiety so many more emotional patterns that stop you from interacting with freedom and grace in your world.

It's about getting your energy back, feeling an incredible sense of peace, calm, confidence and interacting with grace. 


Strategic Intervention can help with the sorts of issues busy working women generally struggle with:


Your mind doesn't seem to stop, you have too much going on up there

You feel responsible or guilty a lot of the time

You doubt yourself, you don't seem to be able to trust in your own abilities

You are always tired and stressed

You feel overwhelmed or exasperated or have had a burn-out

You worry so much about disappointing others - you are too worried about pleasing others

You have trouble with letting go of control - but you feel out of control

You feel quickly irritated, angry and frustrated

You just don't feel good about yourself - you don't love yourself enough

You have difficulty setting boundaries for yourself

You feel depressed or gloomy

You have unresolved traumas, fears or sadness 

You just don't know how to go about getting your life on the track you want it on

You think there is something wrong with who you are 


Do you want to know more about how you can achieve lasting change? And are you ready to be free from your issues, to feel happy and full of energy? Please contact me to plan an introductory session.


Martina is a fantastic coach. She really listens to your story and because of that she helped me to get rid off my emotional blocks. She’s a warm and gentle person that exactly knows what she’s doing with her clients. I’m so glad she crossed my path and I would absolutely recommend her!!

 -  Natasha Verkaik

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