What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is a process facilitated by a Transformologist® where you let go of emotional baggage. You release all the charge of negativity and you breakout of emotional patterns that have been holding you back.

It is not a therapy or anything like you have previously experienced. It is very different to all the other processes out there. It is a closed eye experience, but it is not hypnosis, you remain conscious while you interact in a virtual reality sort of way with a patented story. This story will engage your subconscious so that change can happen at a deep level.

Creatrix® is totally safe, it is painless, you don’t have to revisit past traumas or painful experiences. It is designed for the women’s brain and works fast and 100% effectively on women who are committed to getting rid of their issues for good. 

Martina Voorwinden
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